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Are you interested in finding out what is included in the screening appointment?

For all of our studies you will need to come to the unit for a screening appointment to make sure you’re suitable to take part in the trial you’re interested in.

This will include:

Information session
At this session (which may be with other volunteers or individual), a doctor or nurse will go through the trial in detail covering all aspects. This will include what the study is for, what the trial involves and any possible side effects. This is so that you can make an informed choice on whether you want to be involved or not.

You will receive the information about the study you are being screened for at least 24 hours before you attend. Please contact the recruitment team if you do not receive it (0330 303 5000).

The information session takes approximately 45 minutes.

After the information session, if you want to go ahead you’ll have an individual, one-to-one appointment with a doctor or nurse to go through any questions you may still have. You’ll then be asked to sign a consent form, giving us permission to carry out a medical examination to make sure you’re medically suitable for the trial.

No procedure can be performed until you consent to understanding the information about the study and procedures you are being put forward for.

Medical examination
The medical examination itself is like a full health check that you would have at your GP surgery, assessing things such as height, blood and urine to evaluate tobacco or drug use. We will also perform an ECG test to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity; as well as collect your blood sample.

We’ll ask you questions about your health and your medical history, which you must answer honestly, so that you won’t be included on a trial that you’re not suitable for. Some trials may involve other tests and we’d discuss this at the initial information session with you.

Sometimes we can do the induction and screening on the same day, especially if a volunteer has expressed a keen interest to take part in a particular trial.

Things to avoid before your screening visit

•  Avoid poppy seeds 48 hours before the screening as they can make you positive for drugs of abuse;

•  Don’t drink alcohol at least 48 hours before – this can sometimes be longer so always refer to your information sheet;

•  Avoid exercising 72 hours before – physical activity can influence out-of-range blood test results, blood pressure and ECG results;

•  Avoid caffeinated drinks before your screening visit, as they can also influence your test results;

 Always refer to your consent form for full restrictions to avoid failing your screening unnecessarily.

Additional Information 

•  Screening visit can take up to 4 hours

•  Don’t forget your up-to-date ID document – ether passport or drivers licence;

•  Bring your NI number – we need it to check whether you have not taken part in a study elsewhere within the last 3 months. This is for your safety and study compliance;

•  Ladies are advised not to wear dresses for the screening appointment.


Come and meet our Screening team 

Caron Screening Manager

Caron, Screening Manager (7 years of service)

Pip, Screening Technician (15 years of service)

Pip, Screening Technician (15 years of service)













Sue, Screening Nurse (1.5 years of service)

Sue, Screening Nurse (1.5 years of service)

Debbie, Screening Nurse (6 years of service)

Debbie, Screening Nurse (6 years of service)

Maq, Screening Technician (2 years of service)

Maq, Screening Technician (2 years of service)

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