You’ve been screened – what happens next?

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As part of confirming that you’re suitable for a trial we’ll contact your GP for more information about your medical history. We also ensure that they have no concerns about your well-being if you take part in the trial. It can take a while for the information from the GPs to come back to us so there can be a small delay in things at this point.

Once we have the results of all your tests and your GP report, we’ll let you know if you’re suitable for the trial and one of our team will contact you to re-confirm the dates and times you need to be at our clinical unit. If you’re not suitable for the trial you were interested in, it’s usually because you don’t fit the criteria. But, don’t worry there are generally other trials we can offer you straight away.

Remember, even after the trial has started, you’re free to leave the trial at any point, without giving a reason.

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